This page provides UNDERSTANDING. Not of the understanding through reason, as reason does not understand what lays beyond its realm.

Let’s say that reason is a short-sighted and dismembered guide; although doses of reasoning may be used to draw in that which lays beyond reason.

This page offers –comprehension- through the path of UNDERSTANDING. This is not personal. However, it is personally grasped.

Also, in recognition of inward freedom it has shed on my life, and onto other lives in similar needs to mine, overwhelmed by misunderstood existence.

Grateful. Therefore, it is offered to those who need it, to serve what serves, and for the one who is ready to be served. For this purpose, let it be used.

Through constant intention of Love, it is given; since through Love, it is received.

Since ions of universes it can be observed that the ability to give exists.

To give is to transform the way things are into possibilities.

It is necessary to announce that there are possibilities, for those who are also in search of understanding beyond the way things are; because to do, is not the same than to do when understanding is also permissible.

If one creates something new, it gets generated. However… How does one generate something new without previously grasping understanding? Because embrace should be based on embracing the embraced. Without embrace there is no generosity. And embrace without wisdom is: egotism, which tries to smother life.

Whatever it is one embraces, one must never be predisposed without understanding. Because otherwise one could surrender to something even not understanding what he is doing, and by doing so one serves the not-understood, the incomprehensible.

Understanding is not the utmost, yet it is the path. Uppermost is the act of walking. However, it is convenient to walk the most appropriate path: The Understanding, is what provides the information of where accidents and other inconveniences lurk. By doing without understanding, one can create –and does create- huge problems.

So far, humanity has done… what has it done?

Can it be denied, it has done something? It has done much.

One could also add… many atrocities.

Crucial is not, to do.

Crucial, is to do, understanding what one does. Because if one rests in the doing alone, without understanding what one is doing, then atrocity is bound to happen; or at the very least, it provokes the encounter with an inappropriate path, just for serving the not-understood. Just for the sake of embracing, must one take action?

To embrace in the doing, or to embrace through understanding?

Therefore this page, and the request of the call towards the text –The New Insight-, is based not in the doing but in the doing with understanding.

Understanding is the path. The doing is to walk the walk, which one gets to know as one walks, but one also initiates the walk because one knows something too. One should not begin without knowing, and one should not walk without knowing just to know more. Instead, the path should be travelled because one begins through understanding, and heads towards greater grasping and comprehension.

That is the request, for those who are in search of transformation of life.

This is not an offer. This is just being made available for those who might need it, or might like to consider it.

Consider the need, not based upon surrender, but let the need be based on embracing through understanding – if not totally understood at least circumstantially open to the totality.

Meaning: Is the circumstance created, or resolved?

The situation is created by dealing with it, because if it is created without resolution, then inconvenience arises.

The inconvenient is not found in the process of creating. Create to resolve.*

In other words, the process of creation is: an accurate hit of a possibility, it is one that does not harm life. To create is not important, but to create possibilities is.

It is essential to base the mind in states of possibilities, and not on states of creation alone.


Till here, the embrace.


*Importance is not found on the process of creation, but in creating to resolve. The true process of creation, which is pure intelligence in motion, is to resolve with a way out and not shutting down; for enclosure generates destruction, by creating negation of life.